January 2014 Update

Here is an update on stuff going in in the lab this fall.

  • Mike, Wil Lieberman-Cribbin and Kira Yasuda all presented research at the American Geophysical Union Fall meeting in December San Francisco. Mike gave a talk on his work in Siberia looking at the influence of vegetation on ground temperatures. Wil presented a poster on his senior research looking at the distribution of vegetation type and fire in permafrost ecosystems, and Kira presented results from her field work in Alaska.
  • Mike’s paper evaluating spatial variability in albedo, and comparing this with the latest round of climate models was published in Global Change Biology. The paper shows that albedo, or the reflectance of the earth, decreases with increasing tree cover, but the rate depends on the type of trees. These relationships are not well represented in current climate models, but will be important as models attempt to include future change in boreal and arctic ecosystems.
  • Sal Curasi has joined the lab and is working to develop several low-cost sensors using Arduino microcontrollers.

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