Spring 2014 Update

There has been a lot happening in the lab over the past few months. Here are some of the highlights.

– Wil Lieberman-Cribbin extended his Geography and Physics senior seminar papers into an honors thesis describing spatial variability of vegetation and disturbance in permafrost regions.

– NSF awarded funding to Sue Natali (WHRC), Mike, and Sasha Kholodov (UAF) for a project entitled Vegetation and Ecosystem Impacts on Permafrost Vulnerability! It’s a four year project starting in January 2015 with field work in Alaska and Siberia. We’ll be looking for student research assistants and a postdoctoral fellow.

– Sal Curasi continues to refine his datalogger design and has also been selected to participate in the Polaris Project. You can read his first blog post on the Polaris website here. He heads to Siberia in a few weeks.

– Zach Lazow started working in the lab this spring and is continuing this summer. He is using machine learning techniques to map tundra vegetation in high-resolution satellite imagery.

IMG_0003 – Sal and Mike have also been modifying digital cameras to so that they are sensitive to energy in the near infrared wavelengths. Here is a sample image from the Colgate Greenhouse.



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